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Domain Help is provided as a service to Registrants of domains purchased through the Tucows Domain Provider network. This site contains information on how to find your Domain Provider, and information about how certain aspects of domain names function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Domain Provider?

A Domain Provider is a company which sells domain name registrations to the public. If you own a TUCOWS branded domain, your Domain Provider is the last company you paid money to for your domain name registration. Money was paid for its renewal, transfer, or even its initial registration within the past year.

What is Tucows' Role in Domain Registration?

Tucows is a wholesaler of domain names and other Internet services to ISPs and web hosting companies worldwide. We do not sell domain names directly to consumers. We are not the owner of domains for which we are the Registrar of Record. The domain name owner is your best source of information about a specific domain.